Young Leaders Group

The Young Leaders Group (YLG) has a group of emerging young leaders under the age of 35 who are dedicated to the responsible use of land and real estate in enhancing our future. The YLG strives to provide a unique setting for the leaders of tomorrow to interact and network both professionally and socially, with the leaders of today. It offers younger ULI members the opportunity to network with their peers, gain exposure to senior industry professionals, and to continue their professional education.

The Young Leaders Group of Asia Pacific is dedicated to the development of leadership through the exchange of knowledge and synergistic networking in the real estate communities. We strive to create a unique setting for tomorrow’s leaders in real estate, land use policy, and urban design to:

  • Stay on top of the latest developments in real estate and land use throughout Asia Pacific;
  • Develop their professional careers through conversation, education and research;
  • Interact, both professionally and socially, with global leaders.


  • Lunch & Learn Series

On a regular basis, ULI Young Leaders holds exclusive Lunch & Learn sessions with industry leaders and leading companies in various cities. The idea is simple – a small group of Young Leaders visit a company’s offices for an informal lunch to learn about the company. This is followed by an open discussion about specific hot topics and anything relevant to the current and future states of the real estate industry. The goal of the Lunch & Learn session is to provide a unique opportunity for ULI Asia Pacific Young Leader Members and industry leaders to engage in an open discussion.

  • Industry Events

Exclusive property tours, project exhibitions, expert discussion panels, educational events, and other unique opportunities to learn more about the issues and projects defining the real estate industry.

  • Mentorship Program

The mission of the Mentorship Program is to foster an exchange of professional ideas and mentorship between experienced executives in the industry (“Mentors”) and young real estate professionals (“Mentees”). The goal is to provide Mentors the opportunity to strengthen ties with one or two young leaders of the local real estate community and the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective and additional experience as an advisor, supporter and coach. Mentees will have the chance to learn from experienced industry players.

  • Networking Events

While networking is a part of all our events, each year we also plan social events specifically intended to encourage networking among Young Leader Members.

The Asia Pacific YLG has active groups in Brisbane, Hong Kong, Manila, Melbourne, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo.  Get involved and join one of our upcoming events!

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