Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs related to ULI memberships:

How can I request a copy of my renewal invoice?
To receive a copy of your renewal invoice, e-mail your request to or call +852 2886 1620.

When is my annual payment due?
Your annual payment is due by the last day of the month of your membership anniversary date.

I have recently changed jobs. How can I update my company information?
You may update your company information at My ULI (login required) or by e-mailing it to

I would like to change my member type. How can I renew at a different membership level?
E-mail or call +852 2886 1620.

I did not realize my membership was up for renewal. How often are members contacted before their membership expires?
Members are contacted at least six times during a three- to four-month period using a variety of media, including e-mails and phone calls.

Can my membership be transferred to another individual in the company?
The only transferrable memberships are those that are a part of a Corporate Membership program.

If I join, can anyone in the company use the benefits of my membership?
ULI membership is held by an individual. You must be a member yourself in order to receive the benefits of membership.

Do I have an option to join at the local level?
ULI membership is global. When you join ULI, you are able to participate as a member at the local, national, and international levels.

When I change locations (city, state, country), does my membership go with me?
Yes. Simply update your profile in with your new contact details.