2016 ULI Hong Kong Mentorship Program

We are excited to present the 2016 ULI Hong Kong Mentorship Program exclusively to current ULI members under 35.

The mission of the Mentor Program is to foster an exchange of professional ideas and mentorship between experienced executives in the industry (“Mentors”) and young real estate professionals (“Mentees”). The goal is to provide Mentors the opportunity to strengthen ties with one or two young leaders of the local real estate community and the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective and additional experience as an advisor, supporter and coach. Mentees will have the chance to learn from experienced industry players.

Building a professional and social relationship between Mentor and Mentee is accomplished through attending three Mentor-Mentee ULI events throughout the year, as well as establishing individual communication, with quarterly meetings scheduled directly between Mentor and Mentee. For ULI Mentor-Mentee events, the goal is to organize three events per year:

  • Kick-off Cocktail – at the start of the program
  • Special Speaker Seminar – on how to build an effective mentor-mentee relationship
  • Closing Event – at the end of the calendar year to share feedback about the program and potentially have a special speaker

After assigning Mentees to Mentors, most communication (except for the ULI sponsored events mentioned above) will be directly between the Mentor and the Mentee. And, you as the Mentee would be responsible to schedule meetings with your mentors based on a mutually agreeable time.

We have a line-up of prominent real estate professionals and members of the ULI North Asia Executive Committee to serve as Mentors, who are looking forward to welcoming you as Mentees.

Your Participation:

To participate, please email novia.pau@uli.org with the following details no later than Friday, 6 May – the selection will be done on a first –come basis and space is limited and only open to ULI members under 35.

1. One page cover letter which includes the following:

Number of years you have worked in real estate
Real estate focus or interest: i.e. Development, Leasing, Management, Finance (Banking/PE), Construction, Sustainability or Consultant
Product type expertise or interest: Residential, Office, Retail, Industrial or Hospitality, other, etc.
Geographic focus or interest: Regional, National or International
Why are you applying for the Mentorship Program?
How do you hope to benefit from participation in the Program?
What are you looking for in a Mentor?


2. Current resume

Prospective Mentors:

If you want to become a “Mentor”, please email novia.pau@uli.org.
We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the 2016 ULI Hong Kong Mentorship Program!

Yours sincerely,
ULI Hong Kong Young Leaders Executive Committee