2018 ULI Asia Pacific Summit
Leadership in the Age of Disruption
5-7 June 2018 | Hong Kong
Disrupt or Be Disrupted?
ULI and FGRT are collaborating to showcase the future of retail real estate, with a focus on innovation and its applications in the industry. The two organisations will host a series of conferences across the region. The inaugural event, titled "The Connected Mall of the Future", took place in Hong Kong. What are the top takeaways? Read more.
Transitioning Building Design to a Future of Compact, Driverless Cars
As soon as 2030, the trend toward fewer and smaller cars will mean a reduced need for wide roads and parking, reshaping cities and how people interact.. Read more.
ULI Celebrates 20 Years in an Evolving Japan
ULI Japan’s fall conference, which took place in Tokyo in November, marked the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Institute in Japan, so the conference opened with a look back at how the Japanese market has developed over the 20 years since ULI was established.. Read more.
Australia Young Leaders Group Summit
Be engaged with young leaders across the real estate industry. The Australia Young Leaders Summit will be held on 3 November in Sydney. The summit will focus on how public and private funding are helping to shape the cities. Read more.
2018 Emerging Trends in Real Estate Asia Pacific
This year’s investment prospect rankings reflect the growing divergence between investment strategies as buyers pursue either growth- or yield-driven approaches. Cities that are the biggest gainers in this year’s survey are those where investors seek to maximize returns via rental growth (Sydney and Melbourne), those that look for returns that are safe and low, but still higher than yields on sovereign bonds (Tokyo), or those that tap long-term secular growth in emerging markets (Vietnam). In addition, there was a resurgence in investor sentiment toward Singapore, which appears to have found a market bottom in both the office and residential sectors. Download Report.
2017–2018 Global Awards for Excellence Winners
This year's 13 winners of ULI's Global Award of Excellence are out! 2 out of 13 winners hail from Asia. Congratulations to Oasia Hotel from Far East Organization in Singapore and Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City from Mitsui Foundation in Japan! Learn more.

ULI is only as strong globally as it is locally. The creativity of our district and National Councils has resulted in some of the Institute's most successful work on improving community livability and sustainability.

Patrick Phillips
Global CEO
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I’ve leveraged the network of mentors at ULI for unbelievable advice because they have the benefit of decades of experience.

Anthony Chang
Vice President, Cassidy Turley
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