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We are a network of people in every profession and sector in real estate development and land use, from all over the world, in every career stage. Members are the core of ULI and the strength of our organisation. The shared wisdom and experience of our members is what makes ULI unique.


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Change Is Coming: Climate-Risk Disclosures and the Future of Real Estate Investment Decision Making

In this report, ULI and Heitman examine what new reporting requirements will mean for real estate investors stemming from existing and proposed government regulations requiring real estate companies to disclose climate-related risks related to their properties and overall business models. Gain insight into key strategies investors can use to optimize their portfolios and best position themselves in the market now and as the future regulatory environment unfolds.

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Receiving Community: Building Inclusive Places That Mitigate Climate Gentrification-Driven Displacement

This report describes climate gentrification’s impact on health, housing, mobility, and community history. Learn to guide officials, developers, and investors for sustainable communities during climate migration. Read insights from ULI members, representatives, and academics, and dive into inclusive community examples. Discover best practices to monitor indicators and counteract displacement, promoting equitable and sustainable development practices.

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Highlights from the 2023 ULI Asia Pacific Summit
Now that the 2023 #ULIAPSummit has come to a close, we take a moment to reflect on all the insights, discussions and new friends we have made. A big thank you to all of our speakers, sponsors, members and delegates who made this event an incredibly memorable one. Check out some of our favorite moments! For more information, please visit

ULI’s shared mission of shaping the built environment echoes our pursuit of high quality and innovation. Conversations with the ULI community have led to practical solutions in tackling urban challenges and building better communities. Our team are also inspired to learn from the accomplished leaders and share our endeavours and achievements.