At ULI, we fulfill our mission by engaging the many different people who help cities thrive. Land use leaders can hire experts from ULI through our Advisory Services program to study a local land use challenge and recommend solutions.

Our awards programmes recognize the outstanding people and places that exemplify the very best in land use, planning, and real estate development. New studies, forums, and educational programmes are offered each year through our local programmes and with the help of innovation grants from the ULI Foundation.

The Young Leaders Group Programme is an affinity group for members under 35 years old who are dedicated to the responsible use of land and real estate in enhancing our future. The YLG strives to provide a unique setting for the leaders of tomorrow to interact and network both professionally and socially, with the leaders of today. It offers younger ULI members the opportunity to network with their peers, gain exposure to senior industry professionals, and to continue their professional education.

The mission of the ULI Women’s Leadership Initiative is to raise the visibility and number of women leaders in ULI and the real estate industry. This initiative is an active part of the ULI’s Robert C. Larson Leadership Initiative which enables ULI to add leadership development activities to its programme of work and extend the Institute’s reach to many more current and potential leaders.