Product Councils

Asia Pacific Product Councils are forums for industry leaders to meet, exchange ideas, share best practices and foster thought leadership in their specific sector of the real estate market. Consisting of a genuinely regional membership, the councils provide a unique platform to learn from peers in the same sector who are operating in different geographical markets, as well as help shape the future of pan-Asia Pacific real estate.

ULI Asia Pacific currently has one Product Council, focusing on a specific sector of the real estate industry:

The council meet twice per year to debate issues and discuss trends in a confidential and collaborative environment, as well as undertaking a range of other thought leadership initiatives throughout the rest of the year. Membership of each council is capped to ensure the quality of personal interaction between participants.

Eligibility Requirements*

  • Only ULI Full Members are eligible to participate on Councils
  • Members must have current ULI membership
  • Each Council is composed of 20 to 30 members
  • Councils can hold a half/full day of private meetings at the annual AP Summit

*As council are still new in Asia Pacific the criteria to join differs from US Councils