Product Councils

Enhance your ULI membership by joining an Asia Pacific Product Council

What is a Product Council?

Topic-Specific Forums

Sector or topic specific forums where industry leaders meet, exchange ideas, share best practices and foster thought leadership in their specific sector of the real estate market.

Regional, Senior, Multidisciplinary Membership

Consisting of a genuinely regional and multi-disciplinary membership, the Councils provide a unique platform to learn from peers in the same sector who are operating in different geographical markets, as well as help shape the future of Asia Pacific real estate.

Topical, Provocative and Future Thinking

Feedback from members tells us that these meetings add value by facilitating a rich, open dialogue for industry leaders which is topical, provocative and future thinking. They aim to take down professional barriers to allow a free exchange of ideas and experience, and help careers by enabling members to steer their ideas and develop true friendships over time across a range of professions.

What Sectors/ Topics are there?

For Further Information

If you want to find out more about our Product Councils, please contact Yusnita Baharuddin, Product Councils Manager.