2016 Fall Meeting Study Tour

Texas (Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio), USA

(Organised by ULI Australia)

Cities around the world are investing in their urban cultural life as a way to develop local economies and revitalise city centres. The challenge relates to both new landmark projects and urban regeneration supported by the understanding and leveraging of the cultural lives of the city and its residents.

In the cities of Austin, San Antonio and Dallas this has been evident in institutional, private and community-led investment raising the profile, social quality and ultimately values of these cities.

Join the 2016 ULI Asia Pacific Study tour to Texas and meet the policy makers, urban leaders, and developers that have driven these successes and led these urban transformations.

The tour will engage with key government, real estate and arts related associations to understand best practice around policy, investment, and programming and their impact on the value – financial and social – of surrounding areas. The program is aimed at mid to upper-level executives associated with real estate development and the design and planning disciplines that engage both the public and private sectors.


Please contact: David.McCracken@uli.org or Stephanie.ng@uli.org

BOOKING DEADLINE: September 28, 2016


Download the Tour Brochure here