ULI China – Bike Share

On 10 August, ULI China Mainland held a seminar and networking event on bike share in Shanghai.

Hosted by Savills, the event had two speakers from the city’s infrastructure institute and planning institute. The main purpose of the seminar was to learn about the explosive growth of bike share in the past one year and the growing need to find a practical solution to provide sufficient space for parking.  The bike share services led by start-ups, Mobike and Ofo, have significantly addressed the shortcomings of the “last mile” transportation between subway or bus stations and work or home. However, especially in the city center and around subway stations, limited available public space for bicycle parking has led to crowding of sidewalks, especially as various providers continue to release more bicycles to increase market share.

Following the seminar, there was a working group meeting to develop other workshops to explore ways to make biking more convenient and safer and to improve the parking capacity.  Members who are interested to contribute to the workshop should contact us.

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