2017 Thought Leadership Webinars

Webinar 1: Innovation Economy
March 22, 2017 – lyf by The Ascott Limited

To kick off 2017, we are delighted to have The Ascott Limited present the concept behind their newly launched brand, lyf (pronounced ‘life’), designed for and managed by millennials who wish to experience destinations as locals do. Going beyond traditional hospitality concepts, lyf signifies a new way of living and collaborating as a community, connecting guests with fellow travellers and change-makers.

Presented by: Ms. Mindy Teo, Vice President, Innovations, The Ascott Limited. [Read More]

Webinar 2: Capital Markets
April 12, 2017 – by Colliers International

Asia Property Capital Flows: Shifting from Asia-to-Global to Asia-to-Asia?

This month’s thought leadership webinar will focus on Capital Markets. Chinese investment in property in other regions in recent years has been heavily focused on the US. This push to the US has obscured rising intra-Asian property capital flows, which again exceed Asia-to-global flows. Despite firm near-term US economic prospects, we expect slower RMB depreciation and political pressures to cause Chinese investment to shift towards Asian markets from 2017. The continued weight of capital should offset likely rising cost of funds, so that property yields on average stay flat across Asia this year. We remain positive about Asian property, and see particular investment opportunities in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and India.

Presented by: Andrew Haskins, Executive Director of Research & Advisory, Asia, Colliers International. [Read More]

Webinar 3: Design and Planning
July 12, 2017 – by Henderson Land

Planning and Design – The creation of an innovative vertical retail hub in Hong Kong

What makes a commercial development standout in the high-density city of Hong Kong? Henderson Land will present the story of creating an award-winning art & creative hub coupled with retail, wine-and-dine facilities in the heart of Central, called H-CODE. Working with the Hong Kong Government and neighboring land owners, this hidden jewel challenges traditional boundaries of commercial exposures while improving street level connections and pedestrian experiences. H-CODE developed a pioneering patented facade design that provides restaurant goers with multiple choices of dining experience. An idea inspired by the Japanese Ginza style paradigm but one step further. This webinar will give insights on how Henderson Land transforms a strategic location through building mass placement, civic space planning and facade technologies into unprecedented commercial opportunities.

Presented by: Andy Liekenjie, Assistant General Manager of Project Management, Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd. [Read More]

Webinar 5: Design and Planning
August 16, 2017 – by Surbana Jurong

Planning and Design – Infrastructure and Mobility with Surbana Jurong

The planning and design of townships and city hubs involve a great degree of Mobility considerations, taking past data and current circumstances to plan for future needs and expectations. Using smart technologies is another element to consider when planning for urban mobility. In addition, based on what is designed, we have to ensure the investability and bankability of the project so that there is potential for high returns in the future. This webinar will give insights on how Surbana Jurong incorporate sustainability, resiliency and economics planning into infrastructure and mobility designs.

Presented by: Eugene Seah, Senior Director, Group CEO Office, Surbana Jurong [Read More]