2016 Thought Leadership Webinars

Innovation Economy
March 16, 2016 – Blueprint by Swire Properties

Blueprint by Swire Properties is a tech-focused co-working space and Accelerator programme for B2B startups, launched in January 2015 to respond to the needs of early stage tech companies striving to grow in an environment of notoriously high occupancy costs in Hong Kong. Known for its signature design appeal and stamped with retro-cool fittings from its parent organisation, blueprint delivers on bringing a fresh aesthetic to the established Taikoo Place district and further embodies the community-driven vision by internalising innovation amongst Swire Properties staff and tenants alike.

Presented by: Henry Bott, co-founder of blueprint and current Project Manager for Swire Properties’ Digital Team (Read More)

The Internet of Things – Implications on Real Estate
April 13, 2016 – Knight Frank

The growth of the digital universe over the last two decades has already fundamentally changed the way we live. The expansion of mobile device penetration over the past few years, means that a growing percentage of the world’s population are constantly connected to the web, driving significant parts of their life through their smartphones or tablets. The next step along this journey is the joining up of the physical world with the Internet – something that has been termed the Internet of Things (IoT).

In this webinar, Knight Frank will examine the IoT, what the concept means and how it could impact our societies and the way we live our lives. It will then analyse what this means for businesses, consumers and cities – and the corresponding impact on the built environment, including industrial, logistics, retail and office real estate markets.

Knight Frank LLP is the leading independent global property consultancy. Headquartered in London, Knight Frank has more than 13,000 people operating from over 400 offices across 58 countries. These figures include Newmark Grubb Knight Frank in the Americas and Douglas Elliman Fine Homes in the USA. The Group advises clients ranging from individual owners and buyers to major developers, investors and corporate tenants.

Presented by: Nicholas Holt, Asia Pacific Head of Research, Knight Frank (Read More)

Infrastructure & Transit
July 13, 2016 – Smart Cities presented by Atkins

Smart cities are essential if the world is to respond to the critical challenges it faces. More than half of the world’s population now lives in cities. Yet cities increasingly need to obtain and use resources more efficiently, compete in a global economy, and to provide for the well-being of their citizens in a sustainable way. In the transport sector, urban mobility has already gone through several revolutions, ranging from railways in the 19th century to the emergence of mass-produced private motor vehicles in the 20th. Yet the growth in travel demand, combined with rapid motorisation, has also led to pressing challenges, including traffic congestion, atmospheric pollution and loss of human life in road accidents. The interaction of transport and ‘smart city’ concepts – Intelligent Mobility – offers a new and rapidly-accelerating paradigm, through objective-led planning, autonomous, connected and clean vehicles, personalized travel information and demand-responsive services. The result may deliver improved customer choice, sustainable economic growth and an equal opportunity for all.

In Asia, urbanisation is taking place faster than anything ever seen in Europe or North America, producing massive mobility challenges. In developing solutions, cities are likely to grasp the opportunities of Intelligent Mobility at different extents and speeds. The region already includes recognized cases such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Seoul, which have achieved world-class outcomes in terms of urban mass transit, transport demand management and integration between land use and transport. Many other cities, however, may struggle, for example as a result of limited data processing and communication technology, inadequate funding and delivery models and inflexible regulatory frameworks which stifle innovation and collaborative behaviours across agencies and sectors. This presentation will explore these themes in more detail. It will highlight the challenges of urban mobility, set out some of the solutions emerging to provide cleaner, safer and more personalized transport, the challenges for cities in achieving this outcome, and indicate some of the key parameters for the debate between industry, policy makers, and customers over the path ahead.

Presented by: Jonathan Spear, Technical Director, Atkins (Read More)

Investment Trends & Capital Flows
September 14, 2016 – JLL

Despite financial market volatility in 2016, investors are currently considering increasing their real estate portfolio weightings, highlighting their preference for core assets in Asia Pacific. Market fundamentals will improve across all major global regions and property sectors throughout the year, and recent leasing activity has surprised on the upside. However geopolitical and economic headwinds will weigh on business activity in the first half of 2016.

What does this mean for the Asia Pacific market and what are we likely to see for the remainder of 2016 and into 2017?

Presented by: Dr Megan Walters, International Director, Head of Research, Asia Pacific Capital Markets, JLL (Read More)

Investment Trends & Capital Flows
October 12, 2016 – DLA Piper

Real Estate investment in Asia Pacific is expected to continue to grow in the next decade due to increasing capital flows across the region. Cross-border investments remain complex, requiring specialised legal and project management knowledge. The buyers, sellers or managers of multi-jurisdictional portfolios are encountering a number of challenges that do not arise in transactions that are limited to one jurisdiction.

This webinar will focus on current investment trends and capital flows in the real estate and hospitality and leisure sectors and how this affects buyers and sellers in the Asia Pacific region.

Presented by: Susheela Rivers, Head of the Real Estate Group and the Hospitality and Leisure Group at DLA Piper in Asia Pacific (Read More)