Eligibility and Expectations


  • All ULI Full Members from Asia Pacific are eligible.
  • Each Council is limited to 30 members.
  • Council members must exceed 10 years of experience in real estate and/or land use.
  • Selections for Product Council members will be determined by the Product Council Leadership Committee. If you are an Associate Member, and have been selected to join a Product Council, then you will have to upgrade your membership.
  • Upon acceptance, Council members must attend two of three consecutive meetings to retain their seat, or obtain an excused absence from the Council chairs.
  • Participation and attendance are key to the success of the entire Council.
  • Council affiliation fees will be USD200 per year. The fees will cover meeting space, refreshments and lunch for Council days.
  • Each council member will have the option to renew annually for three (3) years. After three (3) years, the Council member will be asked to reapply.
  • Every effort will be made to maintain professional, ethnic & gender diverse Councils.

Council Expectations