ULI Hong Kong Young Leaders Group – Mentorship Program

The mission of the Mentorship Program is to foster an exchange of professional ideas and mentorship between experienced executives in the industry (“Mentors”) and young real estate professionals (“Mentees”). The goal is to provide Mentors the opportunity to strengthen ties with one or two young leaders of the local real estate community and the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective and additional experience as an advisor, supporter and coach. Mentees will have the chance to learn from experienced industry players and bounce career-related ideas off someone they might not have otherwise met.

The ULI Hong Kong Young Leaders Group successfully launched the ULI Mentorship program as a pilot with 8 mentors and 10 mentees. The program received very positive feedback from both Mentees and Mentors, with all Mentors volunteering to participate in the program again. In 2012, we have 13 Mentors and 14 Mentees participating in the program, with a kickoff scheduled in May 2012.

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