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2017 ULI Asia Pacific Capital Markets Forum Report

While Asian property investors continue to struggle with longstanding issues of too much capital and too little supply, the consensus among forum participants was that long-term prospects across the region remain generally – and perhaps surprisingly – positive. According to an analysis of industry fundamentals presented at the opening of the forum, rents in most markets remain on an uptrend, fuelled by high salaries and ongoing demographic change. In addition, recently strong economic data helped boost demand for space. China, for example, recorded year-on-year growth in gross domestic product (GDP) of 6.9 per cent in the first quarter of 2017; Japan, 1.4 per cent (its best return in years); and Australia, 1.7 percent.

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2016 ULI Asia Pacific Capital Markets Forum Report

Ongoing turbulence in the global economy has done little to stem the flood of new capital targeting Asian real estate, the product of huge amounts of institutional liquidity on the one hand and chronically low returns for other asset classes on the other. The implications of this buildup of new capital provided the backdrop for this year’s ULI Asia Pacific Capital Markets Forum, held in Shanghai in June, where investors discussed issues ranging from the impact of e-commerce on the industry and the explosive growth of outbound cross-border investments to strategies adopted by investors to cope with currently high levels of systemic risk.

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2014 ULI Asia Pacific Capital Markets Forum Report

As ever-growing volumes of capital continue to chase a limited pool of real estate assets, investors across the globe are moving up the risk curve in search of yield. The fierce competition to place capital is reflected in the main themes discussed in this year’s Capital Markets Forum in Hong Kong, with new money from Asia driving prices higher in gateway cities in Europe and the United States, and pushing investors to test new strategies in secondary markets and asset classes.

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