Hospitality Development Council (HDC)

The key goal and mission of the ULI Hospitality Development Council (HDC) is through the sharing and exchanging of best practices offering industry leaders vital opportunities to further ULI-Asia’s mission of providing leadership in the responsible use of land and creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide with a specific focus on hotel and resort developments throughout Asia Pacific.

ULI HDC members play a critical role in building lasting hotel and resort developments throughout Asia, by bringing urban and rural areas to life in a sustaining way, by incorporating best practices in the creation of dynamic buildings and places that blend with their environment. Further, and importantly, HDC is involved in designing forward-thinking projects that are part of our regions’ sustainable urban and rural living environments.

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Upcoming Meetings:

Hospitality Development Council (HDC) Meeting @ 2017 ULI APAC Summit
6 June, 2017 – Singapore
Time: 8:00am to 11:30am

Hospitality Development Council (HDC) Meeting @ HICAP
18 October, 2017 – Hong Kong

Past Meetings:

ULI HDC Meeting @ 2016 ULI APAC Summit – 15 June 2016 – Shanghai (Agenda)

ULI HDC Meeting @ HICAP – 14 October 2015 – Hong Kong

Steering Committee

Dan Voellm (Chair)

Andrew MacGeoch (co-Chair)
Mayer Brown JSM

Kavin Bloomer
Morgan Stanley

Katerina Giannouka
Rosewood Hotel Group

Jeffrey Green

James Kaplan
Minor Hotel Group

Peter Meyer

Yuval Tal