WLI Singapore : Becoming a Polished & Persuasive Panelist (members only)

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June 14, 2018
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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Sponsored by: PGIM
PGIM Real Estate’s Inclusion & Leadership Network (ILN) mission is to promote a workplace that attracts, develops, retains and elevates diverse talent through an inclusive culture.

The Women’s Leadership Initiative of ULI Singapore is delighted to present to ULI members a training session, specifically tailored to female professionals, on becoming a polished and persuasive panelist. This will be a highly interactive 3-hour workshop designed to increase members’ understanding of how to be engaging and informative panelists.

Panel discussions are an increasingly integral part of industry expos and events. They are a highly effective way for professionals to increase both their personal and company brand and profile.

By attending the workshop, members will have the opportunity to practise their skills in a safe environment with other professional women. And it will provide simple tips and tricks that can be used on any panel discussion event.


The training will cover what to expect from panel discussions, how to prepare for them, including delivering core message, as well as their psychology and on-stage dynamics. The topics will include:

  • Having an opinion (and why it matters)
  • Answering questions confidently
  • Handling difficult questions
  • Engaging with other panelists
  • Handling moderators
  • Building empathy with the moderators and audience
  • Demonstrating positive body language
  • Using strong meta-language

Members will also have a chance to put theory into practice. The session will include interactive exercises and activities. There will also be video footage of panel debates and discussions, as well as video feedback of all participants.

About the trainer

Nick Fordham
Interactive Voices

Nick has worked as a trainer, facilitator, role-player and coach for nearly a decade. He is owner of and lead trainer at Rhetoric Ltd, a training company specialising in bespoke training & coaching in soft skills.

Nick graduated from Oxford University and entered the leisure industry; reviving failing restaurants and selling top-of-the range wine. At the same time he attended and graduated from drama school where his communication and presentation expertise was given a professional gloss. He has taught at University level, trained numerous groups and mentored many individuals on his journey to becoming a master-trainer. More about Nick

Fee : ULI Members only – SGD50 / USD40
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The session is open to ULI women members only. Space is limited to 8 participants, maximum two per company, to ensure time for all to practise. Seats will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration deadline : Monday, 11 June 2018


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