2017 ULI China Mainland Winter Meeting: Regeneration of Buildings and City Blocks

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December 13, 2017
9:30 am - 8:00 pm

2017 ULI China Mainland Winter Meeting – Regeneration of Buildings and City Blocks

Wednesday, December 13 | Main Conference | naked Hub@Loushanguan Lu, Shanghai
Thursday, December 14 | Tour of Regeneration Projects & YLG Networking Event

Chinese follows English (后附中文版)

Join the annual Winter Meeting of the Urban Land Institute (“ULI”) China Mainland in Shanghai on December 13th and 14th. The theme of this year’s meeting is “Regeneration of Buildings and City Blocks”. The meeting will focus on two types of regeneration.

A) Existing building repositioning and renovation: i.e., repositioning, change of use, change of exterior façade, change of interior layout, and upgrade of building infrastructure. The main targets would be conversion and renovation of existing industrial buildings, shopping malls and office buildings, plus historical buildings.

B) Repositioning and regeneration of buildings within a city block, or a few blocks: i.e., renovation of existing buildings, addition of new infill buildings, change of usage and building density, and also improvement of the public realm within the renovation sites.

The program in the December 13th conference includes the following sessions:

1) Building and city block regeneration
2) Regeneration of shopping centers
3) Technical challenges and solutions
4) Emerging Trends in Real Estate report announcement and discussion by investors and developers
5) Entrepreneurs’ talk

Immediately following the conference, there will be a reception for all participants and a dinner for Full Members.

On the following day, we will also have a tour of several regeneration projects in the afternoon and a YLG reception in the evening.

Tentative Agenda

  • December 13 naked Hub@Loushanguan Lu
    · 09:00 – 09:30 am    Registration
    · 09:30 – 09:40 am    Opening remarks – John P. Fitzgerald, Chief Executive, ULI Asia Pacific
    · 09:40 – 10:20 am    Keynote speech and dialogue
    · 10:20 – 11:20 am    Building and city block regeneration – The panel will first discuss the macro environment that is driving the need for regenerating buildings and city blocks. They will then discuss opportunities for upgrading and challenges of realizing opportunities. They also will share their views on potential improvements in the way building and urban block regeneration is conducted.
    · 11:20 – 12:20 pm    Shopping center repositioning – The panel will consist of developers, architects, and investors with rich first-hand experiences in repositioning and renovating existing shopping centers. The panel will discuss innovative ways to enhance the use of space in shopping centers through design changes, changing the mix of tenants, and even the use of the buildings.
    · 12:20 – 01:30 pm    Lunch break & planning meetings for product councils (sustainability, investment, retail property, urban regeneration, tech & real estate) – Conference participants can join planning meetings for a range of product councils. In general, each product council meets twice a year for half-day workshops, attended by around 50 to 60 members. Each group is expected to formulate a plan for activities including meetings, tours, and other initiatives for next year.
    · 01:30 – 02:30 pm    Technical aspects of building and urban block regeneration – This panel will consist of experienced architects, building engineers, and developers. They will identify relevant design and engineering related challenges and share their experiences. They will also touch on how to leverage new technological advances and design concepts.
    · 02:30 – 02:45 pm    Break
    · 02:45 – 03:05 pm    2018 Emerging Trends in Real Estate Asia Pacific report release – Based on a written survey and interviews with leading developers, investors, and service providers, the annual report by ULI and PwC identifies new trends and provides feedback on development and investment prospects for key markets in the Asia Pacific region.
    · 03:05 – 03:50 pm    Response panel – The panel consisting of development and investment professionals will provide their views on the markets and the key conclusions of this year’s Emerging Trends report.
    · 03:50 – 04:00 pm    Break
    · 04:00 – 04:50 pm    Building and urban block regeneration entrepreneurs’ talk – This panel will include founders of entrepreneurial real estate development companies whose business model is very much tied to repositioning and regeneration of existing buildings. They will share their experiences and share their views on challenges and solutions for asset and urban block regeneration.
    · 04:50 – 05:00 pm    Closing remarks – Albert Chan, Director of Development Planning & Design, Shui On Land & Chair, ULI China Mainland
    · 05:00 – 06:00 pm    Reception
    · 06:00 – 08:00 pm    VIP & Full member dinner
  • December 14
    · 01:30 – 05:30 pm    Building and urban block regeneration project tour (ULI members only)
    · 06:30 – 08:00 pm    ULI Shanghai Young Leaders Group (YLG) networking event

Event Details (December 13)

Date: Wednesday, December 13

Time: 9:30 am to 6 pm (registration starts at 9 am)

Venue: naked Hub@Lushanguan Lu, #35 Loushanguan Road (near Shanghai Mart), Changning District (to know the detailed map, please click here)

Admission: Open to ULI members, Non-members and invited guests

Language: Chinese & English (simultaneous translation will be provided)

Registration Fee

Dec 13th Conference
Regular member                                                                      RMB 600
YLG member (35 y/o and under)                                            RMB 300
Non-member                                                                            RMB 1,500

Dec 13th VIP & Full Member Dinner
Full member                                                                             RMB 500

Dec 14th Building and Urban Regeneration Project Tour  RMB 200 (ULI members only)

Dec 14th YLG Networking Event
YLG member (35 y/o and under)                                            Free
Non-YLG member                                                                    RMB 300



Space is limited and pre-registration is required. Space will be given on a first-come-first served basis with priority given to Full members and invited guests.

If you want to join in this event, please register here. If you are new to ULI and do not have an account, you can set up an acount and register for the event. No need to be a member.

If you have any problems registering, please email ULI_ChinaMainland@uli.org with your personal information (member type/company/title/address). We will help you register.

Registration deadline: Noon, Monday, December 11, 2017
Confirmation email sent: Before 5 pm, Monday, December 11, 2017

ULI China Mainland WeChat Public Account

2017城市土地学会中国大陆冬季会议 – 既有建筑与城市街区更新






1) 既有建筑与城市街区更新
2) 购物中心更新
3) 应对科技挑战与解决方案
4) 2018房地产新兴趋势亚太地区报告发布及开发与投资专业人士研讨会
5) 创业家分享会




  • 12月13日 裸心社@娄山关路
    · 09:00 – 09:30 am    签到
    · 09:30 – 09:40 am    开幕致词 – 费约翰,城市土地学会亚太区执行总裁
    · 09:40 – 10:20 am    主旨演讲与对话
    · 10:20 – 11:20 am    既有建筑与城市街区的更新 – 首先,研讨小组就推动既有建筑与城市街区更新的宏观环境展开讨论,随后将讨论相关更新机会以及该机会面临的挑战。研讨嘉宾还会就既有建筑与城市街区更新手段存在哪些改善的方面发表他们的见解。
    · 11:20 – 12:20 pm    购物中心再定位与更新 – 该研讨小组将由在既有购物中心再定位与改造方面拥有丰富一手经验的开发商、建筑师以及投资者组成。研讨嘉宾将讨论通过设计变更、改变租户组合甚至建筑物用途来提升既有购物中心空间利用的创新方法。
    · 12:20 – 01:30 pm    午休 – 筹备专家座谈会(城市更新、可持续发展、科技与房地产、投资及零售物业) – 与会者可以参加一系列产品理事会的计划会议。每个产品理事会每年举行两次为期半天的专家座谈会,每场约有50至60名ULI会员参加。每个产品理事会将制定明年的活动计划,包括专家座谈会、项目考察以及其他活动。
    · 01:30 – 02:30 pm    既有建筑与城市街区更新中的科技应用 – 本研讨小组将由拥有丰富经验的建筑师,建造工程师与开发商组成。研讨嘉宾将阐述设计与工程相关的挑战,并分享他们的经验。同时,讨论还将涉及如何利用新技术和设计理念。
    · 02:30 – 02:45 pm    茶歇
    · 02:45 – 03:05 pm    2018房地产新兴趋势亚太地区报告发布 – 本报告通过对顶尖开发商、投资者和专业服务商的书面调查与访谈确定行业新趋势,并就亚太区主要市场的开发与投资前景提供反馈意见。本报告由城市土地学会与普华永道联合出品。
    · 03:05 – 03:50 pm    小组研讨: 2018房地产新兴趋势亚太地区报告 – 本研讨小组由开发与投资专业人士组成,将就《2018房地产新兴趋势亚太地区》报告的主要发现以及市场动态发表他们的见解。
    · 03:50 – 04:00 pm    茶歇
    · 04:00 – 04:50 pm    既有建筑与城市街区更新领域创业家分享会 – 本研讨小组将由房地产开发企业的创始人组成,他们的业务模式涉及既有建筑的再定位和更新。研讨嘉宾将就资产与城市街区更新面临的挑战和解决方案发表他们的见解。
    · 04:50 – 05:00 pm    闭幕致词 – 陈建邦,瑞安房地产发展有限公司规划发展及设计总监,城市土地学会中国大陆主席
    · 05:00 – 06:00 pm    招待酒会
    · 06:00 – 08:00 pm    贵宾与城市土地学会资深会员晚宴
  • 12月14日
    · 01:30 – 05:30 pm    既有建筑与城市街区更新项目考察 (仅限城市土地学会会员参加)
    · 06:30 – 08:00 pm    ULI上海青年领袖小组社交酒会

12月13日 活动细节




开放人群: 城市土地学会会员、非会员和邀请嘉宾