ULI Australia Study Tour to NYC, Washington DC, and Fall Meeting

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September 16, 2019 @ 8:00 am
September 25, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
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Download a copy of the Study Tour and Fall Meeting Brochure for more detailed information. 
The Urban Land Institute (ULI), will convene the 2019 Fall Meeting September 18-21 in Washington, D.C. The meeting brings together over 6,500 of ULI’s most engaged members, and industry experts from around the world to share insights on all aspects of real estate.
Tours associated with the meeting will showcase the Washington DC real estate market to meeting attendees, and visit transformative developments happening throughout the nation’s capital and delivering sustainable iconic, civic and community outcomes.
The 2019 ULI Australia Study Tour commences with a personally hosted one day insight tour of Washington, followed by attendance at the ULI Fall Meeting. After 5 days in DC, the tour will commute to NYC to explore the dynamics of this rejuvenated city, its new precincts and visit landmark public and private projects.
The New York City real estate market has, since the recession, defied national trends. Both supported and buffeted by global market forces, the financial industry, and Silicon Valley, New York has re-established itself as a centre of world commerce, art, and real estate.
When the rest of the country was struggling to recover, Manhattan and Brooklyn were preparing to soar again, and underpinned by foreign investment, the real estate market in the city surged ahead, as markets languished across the country.
As the US’s most populated city and one of its most diverse, NYC is also one of the smartest – recognized by its Global Smart City Awards in 2016, and it has only increased its efforts to become a leader in urban technology since.
Probably the last thing anyone thinks about when picturing NYC is environmental sustainability. The subway, the activity, the congestion leave a sense of chaos and fallibility of the City. Yet a recent study found New York to not only be the most sustainable city in the United States – but have also ranked New York 20th most sustainable city internationally.
The study considered this outcome came from one thing – density! But it is not so much density – but the sustainable drivers that emerge from the engine room of density that have supported the rejuvenation of NYC.
Cities are often looked to for where the future lies. New York offers unique and interesting lessons for developers and urban planners, providing insight into how future urban planning can become more sustainable.
Join the 2019 ULI Australia Study Tour and fellow ULI members on this Insight Tour of these 2 great US cities. Meet the Policy Makers, the Urban Leaders, and the Developers to experience the success stories that are shaping the great city of New York.

Fall Conference Details – fall.uli.org