ULI Hong Kong: WLI Speakeasy on ESG


2023-06-06T18:00:00 - 2023-06-06T20:00:00

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    The Executive Centre Will open in a new window Level 26, Prosperity Tower, 39 Queens Road, Central Hong Kong 00000 HONG KONG
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    WLI’s Speakeasy Sessions are back by popular demand! Join us for an engaging and thought-provoking intimate group discussion, this time to discuss a topic that’s atop everyone’s minds: ESG. Participants will have the unique opportunity to join one of three specialized discussion groups, each focused on one of the ESG pillars:

    Environmental (E): Dive deep into the environmental aspect of ESG, exploring topics such as climate change, renewable energy, resource management, and sustainable practices. Engage in thought-provoking conversations around how businesses can reduce their environmental footprint and contribute positively to the planet.

    Social (S): Uncover the social implications of ESG as we explore themes like diversity, inclusion, labour practices, human rights, and community engagement. This group will delve into the significance of promoting social well-being, equality, and ethical business conduct for a sustainable future.

    Governance (G): Discuss the crucial role of governance in ESG, including topics like corporate ethics, transparency, board diversity, executive compensation, and risk management. Explore how strong governance structures and practices foster trust, accountability, and long-term value creation.

    Each group will be led by an industry expert who will guide the discussions, share insights, and facilitate a dynamic exchange of ideas among participants. Through these interactive sessions, we aim to foster collaboration, inspire innovative thinking, and gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of ESG and its potential for positive change. After the group discussions we’ll rejoin together to share our learnings over a glass of wine and networking.


    Registration is required. Registration deadline is 2 June 2023 (Friday).

    Event confirmation details will be sent to all participants 2 days prior to the event.

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    Enquiries: hongkong@uli.org 

    The Executive Centre Level 26, Prosperity Tower, 39 Queens Road, Central HONG KONG

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