Beijing Event Debrief: ULI Asia Pacific Young Leaders Summit, 16 May 2012, Beijing

This past weekend was the inaugural ULI Asia Pacific Summit in Beijing. The conference saw great attendance and was well received by many. In conjunction with the Summit was the Young Leaders Summit, held in AECOM’s Beijing’s office. While we were only expecting 15 to 20 Young Leaders, we ended up grabbing extra chairs as we had over 30 in attendance!

We were all fortunate to have the ULI CEO, Patrick Phillips, and ULI Chairman, Peter Rummell, shared their experiences from their time as a Young Leader and their relationship with ULI throughout the years. Leaders from Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Australia and Singapore came together to discuss strategies for growing their respective communities and how we can better communicate/collaborate across the region. It was great meeting new faces and connecting with ULI Young Leaders across Asia.

Please contact us via LinkedIn or reach out to your local chair to get more involved!

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