Urban Innovation Ideas Competition


ULI Asia Pacific and ULI Australia have endorsed the creation of the Urban Innovation Ideas Initiative to be launched in Australia in 2015. The Initiative will champion urban innovation, collaboration and youth leadership in the property industry.

The Initiative will be an ongoing focus of ULI and feature a bi-annual competition that explores solutions to topical and timely issues or projects relevant to successful urbanisation of our Cities.

The initiative will couple creative thinking by young professionals with mentoring from industry leaders and sector specialists to develop leading initiatives that connect capital and real estate to create value.

The Urban Innovation Prize will result in young professional teams being selected with the potential possibility to present their initiative at the 2016 ULI Asia Pacific Summit.

2015 Competition

The 2015 competition is a platform for the next generation of property professionals to respond to a key strategic or topical issue facing urban development.

ULI have selected Sydney as the location with the competition addressing the activation of public space surrounding George St in light of the implementation of the new light rail in 2020.

The competition focuses on the importance of creating great urban places to add social, cultural, economic and ecological value.

The competition will aim to:

– Stimulate ideas on city making

– Provide a platform for under 35’s

– Promote ULI’s mission to “provide leadership in responsible land use”

– Remain consistent with ULI’s ongoing dedication to fostering
tomorrow’s leaders

The competition will be run in two stages. Stage One is an open Ideas competition with a jury selecting finalists to enter into Stage Two which is the Idea Development Stage where entrants will be asked to further develop their ideas. Stage Two entrants will be offered mentoring sessions with industry leaders to assist in the development of their proposal.